「u're home so soon.」(你這麼快到家啦?)

「yeah, i live very close.」(對,我家超近。)

「i see.」(了。)

「what are you doing?」(在幹嘛?)




「just checking some emails and then going to bed.」(收個電郵準備睡了。)

「one question.do u think i'm a boring person?」(問你喔,你覺得我是乏味的人嗎?)

「no, of course not!why?」(當然不。怎麼啦?)


「why do you ask that??好奇怪。」(幹嘛這樣問?)

「nothing.我沒有什麼自信。maybe just think too much.」(沒事,也許是我想多了。)

「oh, because we didn't talk that much after the movie? oh, i am like that with all my friends.maybe i am a bad friend.」(難不成是因為看完電影沒怎麼聊天?喔,我對所有朋友都這個樣,也許我是個損友。)

「nuh...nonono,u get me wrong.」(才不是啦,你誤會了。)「我問這問題出於一個我自己都不知道的理由,亂問的。」

「oh.we both wanted to see a movie, and then we watch it, and then each of us went home.very simple.nothing to do about boring or not.」(我們想去看戲,接著一起去看戲,然後各自返家,跟乏味毫不相干。)

「oh, 真的跟今晚無關啦。u don't talk much usually?」(你平常不多話?)

「not when it is 1 a.m. at night, not really.」(不見得,至少不是凌晨一點的現在。)

「ha.got it.」(哈,收到。)

「don't be so upset over ******.i didn't know you were that serious.」(不要為了逼逼逼這麼難過。我都不知道你竟然這麼認真。)

「i dont know either.」(我也不知。)

「my goodness.」(我的天。)

「my goodness too.thats ok lar, i will get over it.」(我的天。沒問題啦,我會忘記的。)

「what' happened.we just hung out together one night at club. more than that?」(發生什麼事了?那天我們不過在夜店一晚,後來你們有怎樣嗎?)

「the point is nothing happened.lalala...r u mad?」(重點就是沒怎麼樣。拉拉拉,你生氣了?)

「mad? no?no, why would i be mad?你越來越怪ㄡ:)」(生氣?沒吧,我為何要生氣?)

「sounds like u cant stand why i'm so stupid:p」(聽起來你受不了我在耍笨。)「現在不是真正的我在說話。」「inner jean is taking control now.」(潛在的琴葛雷正控制大局中。)

「should i kill you?」(我該給你死嗎?)

「no.but the one who loves me can.」(不行。但愛我的人可以。)

「oh.then keep up the destruction!」(喔,那就大破壞吧。)


「pulverize the person in the wheelchair.」(把那坐輪椅的人粉碎吧。)

「挖哈哈哈哈,this one is good.」(說得好。)

「i knew she is really a mutant.」(我早就知道她是變種人了。)

「i knew it.」(我也知道說。)

「her power is to create coupons to deparment stores out of thin air.what an amazing power.」(她的力量能把百貨公司禮券變來變去。真是神奇的力量。)

「she has more power than she realizes.」(她的神力超乎自己所知。)


「i want to see her version of "the last stand".」(多希望看她主演的最後戰役。)

「alright.go to bed.i am.」


「we will talk tomorrow.」

「sure.nice dream.99」

「u too.night.」

給一指 給一屎


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